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Infrastructure Backup H2 Hydrogen Generator

Backing up critical infrastructure

Proton Motor Cube Outdoor 6kW

Suitable for: Critical infrastructure backup

Power output: 4kW, 6kW, or 8kW

Bridging time: up to 72hrs before refuelling

1000VA hydrogen generator portable

For specific on-site power uses

Portable Hydrogen Generator

Suitable for: Site power tools and smaller appliances

Power output: 1kVA (1kW)

Handling: 25kg hand-carry


For the bigger jobs


Suitable for: Events, Festivals, Construction, Isolated Sites, Backup Power

Power output: 100kVA (approx. 80kW)

Lifespan: 13,000hrs

PowiDian MobHyl Power S4

Portable power from Hydrogen

PowiDian MobHyl Power® S4

Suitable for: Portable applications, lighting, tool charging, temporary heating

Power output: ~4.5kVA (4kW)

Handling: Portable via grab handle and casters

Want silent, zero fumes, zero vibrations, off-grid green energy that is also affordable?

Hydrogen is your answer.

Zero emissions at point of use

Silent, vibration-free operation

Always greener than diesel

Our support services

Hydrogen Generator Deployment

Fully managed solution for deploying hydrogen generators, simplifying all stages from planning, procurement, deployment through to fuelling and monitoring.

Hydrogen Advisory

Conducting advisory projects at all stages of your journey, we help you create your implementation roadmap by providing unique insight and unbiased view.

Hydrologiq and H2generators

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