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Suitable for: Events, Festivals, Construction, Isolated Sites, Backup Power

Power output: 110kVA ESP (approx. 88kW), 100kVA prime (approx. 80kW)

Lifespan: 13,000hrs

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Key Information

High power output: 110kVA emergency standby power, and constant rated output of 100kVA (approx. 80kW)

Automotive fuel cell: the GEH2 uses a Toyota 60kW PEM fuel cell

Flexible connection: capable of synchronisation with other generators, and even the grid

Handling: 4 lift points and forklift compatible

Output electricity: 230 / 400 VAC – 50/60 Hz. Powerlock sockets and Busbar terminal block. 3-phase.

Product Description

With a footprint of less than four square meters and an optimized mass, the GEH2 is equipped with the latest generation of fuel cells from Toyota, giving it exceptional durability and reliability. GEH2 offers you 80kW prime power production with no pollutant emissions at point of use. Furthermore, it can maintain a peak load of 88kW for up to an hour. GEH2 is also capable of synchronising with diesel or gas generators, and even the grid. It is this flexibility in its implementation that makes the GEH2 the ideal partner for the supply of autonomous decarbonated energy. Instant start, 13,000-hour lifespan, IP43 ingression protection and operating temperatures from -10 to +40 Celsius.

100kVA EODev GEH2

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