h2sys hydrogen generator boxhy5
h2sys hydrogen fuel cells
H2SYS Boxhy®5

Suitable for: Telecoms, Lighting, Events, Festivals, Construction

Power output: 5kW boost, 3kW prime

Weight: 150kg

Key Information

Power output: 5kW boost power mode, and constant rated output of 3kW

Very low noise output: with less than 20dB in silent mode, and under 50dB in boost mode

Compact frame: with dimensions 1000 x 650 x 765 mm

Efficient hydrogen consumption: less than 68g hydrogen per kWh

Output electricity: 230 VAC at 50 Hz, through 2x16A and 1x32A plugs

Product Description

Compact and lightweight, the H2SYS Boxhy5 outputs at a constant 3kW prime power, or an impressive 5kW for 30 minutes in boost mode. An air-cooled PEM hydrogen fuel cell is integrated into a high-performance system developed by H2SYS engineering teams, with efficient hydrogen consumption for its capability. Certified under CE directives and specific market norms, and using a pure sine inverter, the Boxhy5 can deliver single-phase 230VAC at 50Hz. IP23 ingress protection, 99.95% hydrogen compatible, and operating temperatures from +5 to +40 Celsius.

H2SYS Boxhy®5

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