H2SYS Thytan130 Hydrogen Fuel Cell Generator
h2sys hydrogen fuel cells
H2SYS Thytan® 130

Suitable for: Events, Festivals, Construction, Isolated Sites, Backup Power

Power output: 130kVA ESP (approx. 105kW), 100kVA prime

Lifespan: 15,000hrs

Key Information

High power output: 130kVA emergency standby power, and constant rated output of 100kVA (approx. 80kW)

Manages power peaks: the Thytan 130 can cope with power spikes of up to 200kVA

Reputable fuel cell: The Thytan uses a Hyundai 95kW PEM fuel cell

Handling: 4 lift points and forklift compatible

Output electricity: 230 / 400 VAC – 50/60 Hz. Single phase and three phase sockets

Product Description

Up to 200kVA power supply is possible with the new Thytan 130. A Hyundai hydrogen fuel cell is integrated into a high-performance hybrid system developed by H2SYS engineering teams, with 100kVA continuous prime power, 130kVA emergency standby power for 1 hour, and peaking to 200kVA for 5 seconds. Continuous running is possible with two separate hydrogen intake valves, allowing fuel replacement without loss of power. Instant start, paralleling possible, 15,000-hour lifespan, and operating temperatures from -5 to +45 Celsius.

H2SYS Thytan® 130

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