30kVA Hydrogen H2 Generator Gennie
PowiDian Hydrogen Generator

MobHyl Power® M30

Suitable for: Events, Festivals, Construction, Isolated Sites, Backup Power

Power output: 30kVA (approx. 25.5kW)

Lifespan: 20,000hrs

Key Information

High power output: with a constant rated output of 30kVA (approx. 25.5kW)

Manages power peaks: the M30 can cope with power spikes of up to 180% rated output

Long lifespan: 20,000hrs operating

Handling: 4 lift points, ISO corners, and forklift compatible

Output electricity: DC and AC out

Product Description

MobHyl Power® offers you 30kW prime power production with no pollutant emissions at point of use. Increase the load and the M30 will step up to the challenge, with 4 minutes @ 150% load or 10 seconds at 180% load. Peak power sits at 53kVA. Silent operation and reduced maintenance over diesel counterparts is backed up with robust build and a 25,000+ hour lifespan. Starting is instantaneous, using an intuitive local interface. Or operate the M30 remotely with the SAGES smart management system. Mobile electricity generation using Hydrogen is now commercially available for the first time.

30kVA PowiDian MobHyl Power® M30

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