Proton Motor Cube 4-8kW
proton motor fuel cell systems

Emergency backup power using hydrogen

PM Cube Outdoor 4-8kW

Suitable for: Critical infrastructure backup

Power output: 4kW, 6kW, or 8kW options

Bridging time: up to 72hrs before refuelling

Key Points

Choice of power outputs: 4kW, 6kW, or 8kW power options. Chaining possible

72hrs+ bridging: Backup power for 72hrs through inbuilt hydrogen storage, extended options available

RC-4 resistance: Possible to have up to RC-4 resistance class

Integrated UPS: To provide the immediate switch before the fuel cells take up the longer term power supply

Reliable and outdoor ready: With operating temperatures between -40C and +45C, deploy it wherever you need it

Output electricity: 230V AC out, 50Hz

Product Description

Proton Motor’s Cube Outdoor Emergency Backup fuel cell solution is built for real-world applications, from railway infrastructure, telecoms or radio stations, critical infrastructure backup, to data centres and beyond. Choose the nominal power rating that suits your application, from 4kW to 8kW and more, at 230V AC 50Hz output. This solution is built using Proton’s own PM 200 Stack Module fuel cell, which is capable of freeze start and operating in temperatures right down to -40C. Fuel cell and electronics are wrapped in a secure and unassuming case for long-term outdoor use.

PM Cube Outdoor 4-8kW Hydrogen Backup Generator

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