PowiDian Hydrogen Generator

Experienced French team creating electricity solutions by intelligently combining storage technologies and renewable energy.

PowiDian developed a strong expertise with hydrogen through numerous projects of intelligent autonomous energy stations (SAGES® system). PowiDian started a new product line with hydrogen power generators named MobHyl Power® and based on PEM fuel cells technology.

H2Generators Partner since 2020

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PowiDian Products

4kW Portable Hydrogen Generator

Suitable for: Portable applications, lighting, tool charging, temporary heating Power output: ~4.5kVA (4kW) Runtime: fuel source dependant
30kVA Hydrogen H2 Generator Gennie

Suitable for: Events, Festivals, Construction, Isolated Sites, Backup Power Power output: 30kVA (approx. 25.5kW) Lifespan: 20,000hrs