proton motor fuel cell systems

Founded on 1 January 1998, Proton Motor was commissioned to build the world’s first fuel cell powered forklift truck in 2001.

Moved by the fascination for future technologies, Proton Motor works daily on the development and critical examination of new concepts, whose consistent quality is both a claim and a challenge. The team’s motivation is to offer customers viable high-tech innovations every day that are always one step ahead of the times and in step with their individual needs. In 2019, they commissioned the “Fit-4-AMandA” stack manufacturing robot to increase production capacity up to 5,000 fuel cell units per year. 2020 saw a record first quarter with incoming orders of 6.4 million euros.

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Proton Motor Products

Proton Motor Cube 4-8kW

Suitable for: Critical infrastructure backup. Power output: 4kW, 6kW, or 8kW options. Bridging time: up to 72hrs before refuelling.