Why Hydrogen?

Let’s get started…

Always greener than Diesel

Even making Hydrogen in the way that’s worst for the environment, it still produces only a third of the CO2e produced by burning diesel.

No emissions at point of use

Producing only water vapour. Great for events, filming or construction which is happening indoors, or in an Ultra Low Emission Zone, like London’s ULEZ.

Silent, vibration-free operation

Stay ahead of construction noise and vibration regulations. Protect workers’ hearing. Shoot film and record audio with zero distraction.

Better than batteries

For when you need long-lasting high power off-grid. Like diesel, a Hydrogen generator has no “recharge” time and provides power for as long as it has fuel.

And there’s more!

Potential for 100% renewables

Choose the right Hydrogen fuel for you. Sourcing from curtailed wind or solar farming could mean 100% of your off-grid energy comes from renewables. Even batteries can’t guarantee their charging source.

Operationally equivalent to diesel

Highly mobile, plug-and-play operation, and similar operational procedures to diesel equivalents. Hydrogen generators can easily replace traditional diesel gennies.

Low maintenance costs, high reliability

Zero moving parts increases reliability, lowers maintenance costs, and reduces operational downtime.